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  • David Cheuk - Doesn't recognize moves at all.

    To test out the sensor, I got nearly all "perfects" and "goods" when standing still in front of the camera. It's still a good game if you just want to dance and have fun, but it takes away the competitive edge, if you're looking to compete with other people.

  • Jessie Sprinkle - Meh...

    2 of 5 stars because only 2 of 5 balloons lasted more than 3 minutes without popping or the light quitting

  • Grant H. - Kills black widows

    Finally something that gets rid of the black widows! The ones I could see when I sprayed died quickly and they still have not returned!

  • bluecandle33 - hated it

    don't waste your money. buy it at the grocery store. doesn't translate well to the kindle. do not bother with it.

  • CHACHA - Made a believer out of me!

    I read the reviews and they weren't kidding. I am hypothyroid, with endless symptoms, eg. fatigue, skin issues, thinning hair and the list goes on. I can tell you it has given me increased energy, I can actually get things done now, skin rashes are non-existent and my hair is staring to grow back. I recommend this product!