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  • Shelly Myers - A little too tight on first wear, but supportive

    My left knee has been hurting me for the past year or so whenever I do high impact sports or workouts. I'm a 27 year-old female and am very active and in good shape. But that dang knee just gives me trouble. So I snagged this knee brace when I found a promotion going on for it and could get it at a discount. It's not the absolute best brace I've ever worn, but it isn't awful. It was uncomfortably tight for the first little while I wore it, and I almost took it off. But after working out for a bit, it stretched and loosened up and wasn't super uncomfortable anymore. I'm going to wear it the next few times I exercise to see how it does and can update this after those workouts.

  • DJRAMBO954 - I love this monitor!!!

    I really like this monitor. Text is razor-sharp, colors are accurate, and viewing angle is great. The IPS technology is clearly superior to TN panels. The only adjustment I made was to reduce the brightness -- otherwise, it was perfect right out of the box. The price was very reasonable for a high-quality IPS monitor, and I highly recommend it.

  • Tammy Moore - we take this every day

    I read a lot of reviews before I started giving this to my son. He has been taking it since early fall and he has only gotten sick one time. It has been a bad winter this year for kids getting sick in our area, and he only got sick one time and he seemed to recover faster than other kids. I recommend this product.

  • Annette Martinez - Very handy

    From the first page the people at Kaplan guide you through the experience of the new GRE Test. Easy to read and understand, the book is a powerful and a great guide for what you will find in the test and gives you the tools to master it.

  • Daniel - GET MORE SIZES

    after learning inline skating for 3 months on the tour 909 skates i did well for myself and it was a relief to buy these, they're very comfy, durable and doesn't sacrifice handling. though they do get cosmetic damage pretty easily, but i guess thats what they're for, you wear them out till you wear them out. there are color kits out there that can replace all the white parts you see and the frame can be swabbed for a 84mm wheel size. amazon didn't have my size but i felt like these skate needed a review. at first they're going to feel very tight but it does conform to the shape of your feet.