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What is Ischial Bursitis? Symptoms, Anatomy, Causes, Treatment, Risk factors, Pain management, Exercises and Healing process. This condition causes you to have

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Defilers were now in play for the Zerg player, who had taken an additional 2 bases for a total of 5, and he put them to good use, hitting the Protoss army with couple of plagues despite the presence of dark archons for feedback. The first, in the top left, fell easily, but the Zerg army made a stand at the top right expansion, swarm and lurkers holding out against the largely goon, archon army of Horang2 and forcing its retreat. Evidently, Action was not a very forgiving person, and in a bloodthirsty bid to avenge the loss of his expansion, he blocked the retreat path of Protoss army with some ultralings and despite the best efforts of Horang2, laid waste to the remaining Protoss units.