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  • L. Gale - Hand lotion more a cream than lotion

    The lotion was quite thick in the bottle. I sent it back and received same problem. Couldn't pomp out of bottle. Pored into another container and used as a cream. The product was very good as I've bought often before.

  • ITdad523 - Great body wash and shampoo for infants with sensitive skin

    Great body wash and shampoo for infants with sensitive skin. My son had a rash that wouldn't go away no matter what we tried washing him with. After using this for a week, it started to clear up and is now completely gone.

  • Lovestoshop - They arrived quickly and were package nicely. They are a good quality

    They arrived quickly and were package nicely. They are a good quality. This was our first experience with the VR glasses. The front panel opens easily and fits my iphone or a samsung device. The cradle seems that it would hold most standard devices. Once the device is the glasses you obviously can't control the screen with your hands after that just by tilting your head. Its a trip to watch the person who has them on their head. The glasses are comfortable and have a thick layer of foam that touches your face. The straps that hold the device to your head are velco adjustable and comfortable. We didn't know which game to install to use these glasses but figured it out after installing a few that needed a remote didn't work correctly. All in all these glasses are good introduction to the whole VR world.

  • Jamie - fine and tangles like nobody's business

    My hair is straight, fine and tangles like nobody's business. This is the only hair product that makes my hair manageable after a shower and the softness and volume after styling lasts all day. I love this product.

  • joan mccabe - It certainly did nothing for me and was a waste of money

    I have been using this product for over a year and have seen no change in my skin. I was on auto delivery and had 5 boxes yet unopened even though I was using this product as prescribed both day and night.

  • Kblain - Highly recommend for snorers or those with sinus issues!

    Works great for both myself and my husband. Without these he snores like a trucker and so do I. He is still able to snore lightly with them on. I like the nasal strips simply for the great feeling of increased air flow they give me especially when sleeping or when having sinus issues. I have used the off brands and they work ok, but this brand/style in particular is the best I've found.