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  • Michael Wolfe - Caution for those on a diet! According to the ...

    Caution for those on a diet! According to the European Nuclear Society, a kilogram of U-235 contains over 17 BILLION Kilocalories!

  • DeeBrown - Great support -- helped son's knee heal!

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my knees so was excited to try these out! But when I opened the package my son was standing by me. He saw what I had and immediately wanted to try them out as he had just injured his knee-- twisting it playing basketball. He was able to walk and even play with no pain when he was wearing these! He wore them a couple days and his knee was able to heal nicely so then I finally got a chance to try them out. I really like the support and warmth they provide on my knees and look forward to wearing them in the winter months when the cold really makes them painful. I wasn't sure I would like wearing them and thought they might be bulky and uncomfortable but these fit nicely and move well with my legs. I got them at a discount so I could test and review them. I'm glad I got them as they really are helping my knees!

  • Christine - Useless..or fake?

    It did nothing for me, after a week I started getting darker and my spots became more pronounced.It was also very sticky and had a very horrible smell. I'm not sure if I was sold the fake one as I have read previous reviews saying it smells nice and is non sticky.

  • The real deal - ... much luck with this product changing anything for the better on the skin around my eyes

    I didn't have have much luck with this product changing anything for the better on the skin around my eyes. I had reaction of redness and itching. This could be from the retinol in this product but I have used other things containing retinol without side effects. I believe that also since this product contains dimethicone that it is not truly great for you skin because it acts as a silicone type barrier trapping everything below it. For someone like me who has oily skin this is not what you want to use. Here is a little more information about what this product states that I found to just not be true:

  • Jeffrey B. Jones - Scotch Guard

    Excellent fabric protection for new furniture, cheaper (and quality more controllable) than having manufacturer put it on. Only concern might be chemicals for those with multiple chemical sensitivity. Also, wish it were just a little cheaper. I used 2 whole cans to cover one reclining rocker (can says one can will cover two chairs). I didn't overspray either, just light coverage back and forth at the appropriate distance. When that dried, I did apply another light coat, as recommended, rather than one thick spray coat.

  • Montani - The WV state software did not work properly

    The federal version worked well and I like it pretty well. However for the price they are now charging they should provide a free E-file for the state too and in this case the WV state tax department said the software sent unneeded and incorrect information. When I called H&R Block about it, they just brushed off my complaint and didn't resolve it for me. They would not even promise to fix it in next year's release.

  • Mike - Happy Mats....

    Very well made and fit very well. The only negative is the mats are made from more of a plastic type material, (shiny and slicker) than pure rubber, Because of this, they will probably stay newer looking for a longer time, and will probably resist staining and mud sticking to them better. Overall, I am very pleased, just had some notion that they would be more old style rubber mats like the Ford bed mat that purchased from Ford at purchase. Amazon is a much better place to shop than your local Ford dealership, however. Happy Happy Happy....