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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Robin - Love it!

    Have been using it for years. . .nothing handles my hair better than this stuff! Short, spiky hair without any greasy aftereffects!!

  • mio2mio - Hated the price increase in this already expensive formula

    Hated the price increase in this already expensive formula! Despite what Similac is saying (change in process?!), I am sure you are not going to make any less money than if you don't change the price. This formula is what our Pedi suggested when our baby was a newborn even though he's not allergic to anything. But now that he's older, it's time to switch formulas, and different brands maybe. Hated company who squeeze every pennies out of families in an economy like this.

  • Norminha Portuguese - Great product at a great price!

    After a year, I decided to use colon cleanse. This product is excellent, in price and quality. My patchy skin, damaged by sun has improved and noticed it is more even in color and at the end of the bottle, I hope the damage skin will disappear. Because many elements contribute to a discolored and two-tone skin formation, specially in face and arms (where sun hits the most) I have to tackle the problem from inside out, instead of treating its surface only. In winter, dead skin falls off, only in parts, not evenly. I know it is aging too that contribute to the problem, but now with colon cleanse, cascara sagrada and a good intake of vitamins and minerals, my skin and hair are improving greatly.