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  • William J. Greenwell - and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim ...

    They fit quite well, and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim though. All the bolt holes line up great. But on the rear flaps, the little adhesive strips didn't hold at all. (Even though I cleaned the metal very well) So, I drilled a 1/8" hole, like the instructions said to do, and the Phillips head screw (provided) would not go through. So of course the screw head stripped out. Ended up using my own hex- headed screw, ( painted black ), and now everything OK. They do fit very well, and look really good, just a little more work than I thought.

  • Jeff Carson - Definitely worth a five star rating!

    Clearly a very eye opening read! I knew the government was corrupt but this takes to a whole new level. Learned a lot about how everyone ties together and the hate amongst the Obamas and Clintons. The detail of the email scandal is really explained here. Scary path our country is headed down if Hilary wins this election!

  • Daniel M. - Best bang for your dollar

    This is simply a high quality treadmill for a fantastic price. Quiet motor, great console, accurate cardiac monitor. I was especially impressed with the high quality of sound from the speaker system. Great for iPod or smart phone mp3 player. The treadmills available in stores that are close to the same price are not near the same high quality. Look forward to it for many years.

  • Amazon Customer - The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow

    I have been on this for a week or so. Felt no jitters. No shaky feeling. And no anxious feeling. Which is a big plus for me. The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow. Tasted pretty good and left no after taste. You can really taste the green tea that's inside them. I was still able to sleep at night also. I have more energy and after a week I have lost 3 pounds! I'm excited to stay on these and see how much I can lose. I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • keplertwostars - not a good buy

    The plastic is very hard with a textured surface, and their large plastic nameplate is not welcome, as I just wanted a comfortable mat. The hard surface is even further from a comfortable carpet that the car starts with. The fit of the molded pieces is OK but the overall size is too small to cover all the area one's shoes will be touching, such as the entry side and up into the foot well, which is pretty cheap for an expensive mat. Also, strangely for such a stiff material, the mats seem sticky and difficult to clean compared to a good quality rubber mat. The only possibly good feature is if you spill a drink squarely onto the small mat, it might be contained due to the upraised edges, which my wife likes, but the driver's side snaps holding the mat in place might leak? And those snaps make it difficult to take the mat in & out. What happened to good old heavy rubber mats?

  • Allan D. Bennett - Fine for the basics but very clunky.

    I have used Quicken Home and Business for several years and update the software at least every 2 years. From my standpoint, the strengths and weaknesses of the program haven't changed much over time. I am most satisfied with the download capabilities, both for transactions and securities prices.

  • Blondie - My 9 year old loved it! He worked on it the entire weekend ...

    I bought this for my children so they had something to do during the rainy weekend. My 9 year old loved it! He worked on it the entire weekend until he finally got every piece out and the skeleton together. He has it on his shelf and keeps asking if I can get him another one. I am going to but I am going to make it a surprise. My 3 year old tapped around and did a little here and there but it was a little to old and time consuming for her. Over all this was a fun little project for a weekend spent indoors.