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  • 2010duser - Not worth the money

    I worked at a dealership that sold the Xzilon product, it takes time to apply and a good 24 hours for the fabric protector to dry. The dealership does NOT pay for Xzilon. And yet they charge 550$-800$. At my dealership, they gave Xzilon 250$ and the sales men/fiance guy got commission off of it. I apply Xzilon to my vechile about 5 times a year because it does not last forever like it states. I can say it helps wash the bugs off easier and keep the brake dust off of my rims.

  • xddevv - its ok

    Good basic modem/router AIO setup. There is one flaw that cant me from keeping it. The SBG6580 is dual band, just not instantaneous dual band. So if you want to use 5 GHZ band, make sure all of your devices are 5 GHZ compatible. It does not have both band simultaneously so youll need to select only 1.

  • Susan Ann Wabschall - Doesn't work

    Save your money. It does NOT work. FALSE advertising!!! I don't know how manufacturers of products like this get away with such false claims!

  • Shawn McKenzie - Great Club

    Just got this driver in the mail yesterday and took it to the range to test it out, took a few swings to get used to as I was slightly hooking the ball but after that I was able to pound the ball straight as an arrow. Definitely helped with the slice and when you do get a slice it is very minor. I have the whole set of pineweadow clubs and I love them!