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  • Maggie - Newbie Loves This Stroller!

    First let me say that I have never owned a jogging stroller before so I honestly have nothing to compare it to. This stroller moves so easily. I can turn it in any directions with one hand. Pushing it is just as easy thanks to the large air filled wheels. The canopy is great and gives terrific coverage which is necessary here in Florida. The adjustable handle helps because I am 5'4 and have short legs so being able to lower the handle make maneuvering this stroller that much easier. The hand brake is very easy to use because of where it is placed. My toddler sits comfortably in this stroller and he actually prefers sitting in this stroller rather than our day to day stroller. He does need help getting in and out of it though unlike our regular stroller. I am not an avid runner but I do like running on occasion as well as going on trails with this stroller and it has performed flawlessly. I haven't notices any problems with the rear axle like one reviewer complained about but again, this review is coming from someone who has never owned a jogging stroller before. I can say without hesitation that this is a terrific stroller that can be used on any terrain with ease. The color is also very nice and stands out in the crowd of other strollers at the amusement parks.

  • Melissa McCleary - New Life for Classic Tales

    Grimm fairy tales have been told and retold in many different fashions, from child-friendly to the absolutely gruesome, but Tan's version takes each selected tale to a new level to invoke emotions not only through words, but physical art. Each piece accompanying short paragraphs of story seems truly tangible and, most frequently, overwhelmingly saddening. The care taken for each statue breaths new life into the words while leaving the details in obscurity, just as the artist intended.

  • F. R. Bernard - Once gain, Optimum Nutrition RUINED an almost perfect product

    For the second time, Optimum Nutrition opted to ruin something good, why ON?? First was the natural vanilla version, which I was a loyal buyer, but then they removed the Aminogen, an enzyme that would help digest the protein (something good). Because of that, I switched to the regular Vanilla Ice Cream version (which has artificial flavors added) but had no Sucralose and the Aminogen was still included. AND NOW, for this regular Vanilla Ice Cream version they added a new label that states NEW and IMPROVED taste, which MEANS: ADDED SUCRALOSE and REMOVED Aminogen, not to mention it tastes HORRIBLE (highly sweetened and artificial disgusting taste as hell). So they managed to ADD something bad (sucralose) and to take away something good (aminogen). Thank you ON, you just lost another loyal customer.

  • cindy - simple to use- work well - more energy - no side effects - little to no taste

    These are really neat - I am a huge coffee lover and have pretty much become addicted to caffeine to go throughout the day but it is not always convenient to get a cup of coffee - If I could I would carry a pot with me every where I went - I tried cokes and such but I seem to only like them when they are super cold - the only item I have found that I can drink regardless of the temperature is water - but then I do not seem to get the energy I need - once I heard of these I was excited to try them - they are perfect - they are so easy to use - you peel a label back and stir away - the powder dissolves and does not have much of a flavor - so you can mix it in plain water or flavored water- the energy pick me up is noticeable after a bit - it sort of is just there - you feel like you are not tired and just feel better- there are no side effects that I have noticed besides feeling more energetic - I love the ease of carrying these around - they are very easy to put in your purse- your car- your gym bag - and they sort of look cool to pull them out - I am very happy with these - I was able to purchase these at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest unbiased review - high five