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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Carol - The camera is easy to use

    Great product, easy to use. I purchased it as a gift for my teenage son as he is a member of a film study group and he really enjoys using this product. I also purchased the accompanying tripod and together they work a treat!

  • J. Brown - Good for outdoor runners, not much else.

    These headphones are pretty silly. I could maybe recommend them to someone who runs outdoors or something, but otherwise I don't see much use for them. You can literally place them on the counter 5 feet away and still hear the music just as well as when they're strapped to your head. Cant wear them at work because everyone around me can hear the music too, cant wear them at the gym because you can hear everything around you, including the gyms crappy loud music that im normally trying to drown out. That being said, if you're really jonesing for some bone conduction headphones, these seem to be pretty well constructed. The sound quality is decent (but nowhere near some normal in-ears.)

  • R. J. - Missing minority customer

    When I bought this toy, I was looking forward to placing my minority-action figure through the metal detector, and then running the little script I prepared: "Excuse me sir, but you have been 'randomnly' selected for additional scans. Please let us take a sample from your shoe while the computer analyzes findings for any radioactive or biohazardous material".

  • Amazon Customer - Completely useless led comb

    completely useless unless you want to suntan the hairs on your head , maybe its a good workout by holding your arms above your head for ages