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    City: 41.9511 Şırnak, Turkey

  • Brenda M. Lane - Inspiring. Hilarious. Encouraging.

    Couldn't put the book down! I was inspired to tears over and over again. And the places that make you laugh? Well I literally had to lay the book down and just belly - laugh. A great book!! Loved, loved, loved it!!!

  • Bryan with a BY - Waiting for the quad din.

    This thing is everything I have ever wanted in a car stereo and more. I'm thinking about buying a second one, and mounting it right under the first one so it will be twice as cool. For serious though, if you think maybe you might possibly want a car stereo that can do pretty much anything you can think of, then get this thing, it's sick.

  • T. T. Myers - Great Cd

    Very good, really enjoyed the compact discuss excellent sound tracks recommend this to everyone who did or didn't get to see Grammy.

  • RickN - Very nice pair of Earbuds

    Very nice set of wireless Earbuds. Very little weight. Fits very well in the ear (comes with different size ear pieces). Sound quality is very good. Good highs and lows. Includes a nice storage case. I have found bluetooth range to be very good. Mostly using with an IPod which I am keeping in my right pocket. Have also connected with an IPhone and it worked very well also. Bluetooth pairing was flawless and quick.

  • jenniferrb517 - Smells great, Cleans great!

    I just started using this shampoo paired with the PM Instant Moisture Daily Treatment about 1 month ago, and I LOVE it. I've been playing around with more natural alternatives to my hair care and after my stylist used another product from this line I was hooked. First of all it smells amazing! I love scents that are clean and light and this shampoo falls into that category. It leaves my hair smelling clean and fresh unlike other drugstore shampoos that have a heavy floral or fruity scent.