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  • M. Garrido - Good information, sense a little greediness though...

    This book has some very important information, most of which cannot be found any other place. It's probably not a book you can take to your mainstream Doctor and talk to him about without him telling you it's a little "new age-y". But, if you are an independent thinker and are willing to do what it takes to get well, this book will encourage you and give you valuable ideas and information. The part of the book I disagree with are the subtle hints of how to buy the products BED endorses. I do not believe that you need to buy any of those products to journey to wellness. If it sounds to complicated or too expensive, it probably is. You can find substitutes for coconut kefir and others in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. But this book was an essential piece in the puzzle that is leading my daughter and I to wellness. Many thanks to the author for that.

  • Amazon Customer - Stitching is low quality

    Good gloves, other than the Velcro wrap around piece that the stitching ripped almost all the way out of on the first ride. I repaired myself and gloves are fine, but I expected better from Fox.

  • Walter L. Meck IV - Not everything is in this software.

    It works well on what they give you. BUT! the one thing that these software and computer world does is to mislead you to believe that all that they are showing you is in the product they are showing you. IN FACT! it is not all there as they lead you to believe. So if you want all that they said they had you end up paying more that twice what you paid for. They give you a few poorly done extras so that they could say that it has all that. False advertisement is the thing of our day that a lawyer will argue is not! but as long as you know that you don't get everything without paying for the WHOLE software that they are showing you will be glad that they did many newer connections in the program.

  • Tu Lam - Volsmart Quad Core Android 5.1

    I bought this about a month ago and install in my 2012 Altima, the sound is good but it keep changing station, the dvd disc play and you can watch it on the headrest in the back seat, but if you are playing MP4, AVI, etcc. movie files, the headrest monitor doesn't display the movie that's on Volsmart screen, is it a glitch or software problem?