Review: ClariSpray Nasal Allergy Spray – Allergy Relief - From the makers of Claritin, 24-hour ClariSpray works to fight everyday nasal allergies and provide you relief of your daily allergy symptoms.

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  • hari - Awesome....(Reviews from a customer migrated from FrontPoint)

    First of all, SimpliSafe is my second home security system within a month. I had initially analyzed AT&T , but went for FrontPoint considering it being rated number one among all the home security systems as per some of sites. Though the customer service of FrontPoint was very good, there were couple of drawbacks in the design of the equipment. Hence I thought of trying out SimpliSafe.

  • Junlei Li - Great for us, Greater Still as Presents!

    We have had our set for over 6 years. The same set, never broken. This year, it starts to get "sticky" and finally get a little hard to push through (the pumper), so I rubbed some vaseline on it, and viola! good as new. This is one of the neatest, most useful toys for people who don't drink a whole bottle each time! One very nice feature ... this topper gives a clicking sound when the air is fully sucked out. So you don't have to keep pumping and wonder if you've done your job!

  • Jenna - TRUE REVIEW OF IWALK 2.0

    I bought the iWalk to use after my foot surgery on 9/1. My doctor said that I would be partial weight-bearing after surgery and ended up being NWB. I tried crutches for the first 2 days and didn't think that I would last long on them. I started my research and was debating a knee scooter, but then found this product. Renting a knee scooter for 4 weeks minimum was going to cost me $100 and I decided to try this out instead. The price is definitely worth it since some of the materials on it aren't that sturdy. The knee pad starts to flatten after a few days of use, so I put a hand towel on it to prevent my knee from rubbing. The pad on the top part around your thigh is peeling off. None of these materials prevent the product from being unusable and they can fixed with a little creativity and/or glue. It was pretty easy to assemble.

  • Ally - This stuff is awesome, highly recommend, but you gotta READ

    I am what you call a "dye - hard "... I dye my hair way too much and go through radical color changes frequently.