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  • James G. - Didn't accept my K-Cups. Gave error, manufacturer claims it is intentional!

    Purchased this as a replacement for an almost two year old Keurig brewer (it seized up, may be something to do with not descaling it for over a year, opps!). Anyway so I already own tons of K-Cups, I am a sucker for variety packs, and frankly they last at least a year and it is always fun to play the lucky dip game.

  • Amazon Customer - ... received my order from Norwex today and was somewhat disappointed in my order

    I received my order from Norwex today and was somewhat disappointed in my order. I thought the enviro cloths were larger, more the size of a dish cloth. The concept of the cloths work well but just was hoping for something slightly larger.

  • J Wesner - Calm Now Anxiety Relief

    In the past few years I've struggled with some pretty severe anxiety at times. I take care of my body and strive to achieve and maintain balance in my life the best that I can. Every since this all started for me I've had doctor appointment that would result in the prescription of an anti depressant, eight different brands to be exact in a four year period (I've found a better doctor since who doesn't walk around in a nascar race suit wearing all of his pharmaceutical sponsors) Needless to say I have only tried a few of my prescriptions long term with no benefit from them other than torturous side effects and a worse of quality of life with each one. I have found 5-htp supplements like this one to be helpful for me, actually more helpful than any unnecessary SSRI that was ever pushed at me. I find this to ease the little bit of anxieties that I have trouble letting go of without leaving me numb, full of side effects and unable to enjoy life. These are certainly not for everybody, you should definitely NOT take any 5-htp while using anti depressant drugs, but this is a great alternative to ask your doctor or nutritionist about trying. This for me is helpful and a great blend of vitamins for mental and emotional support. I use this product daily and it helps with the things I use it for, I wouldn't know how else to honestly say anything else about it than that!