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  • Katie Bargainer - somewhat works for us

    So we have a cat that used to spray everywhere. It was so bad at one point we were thinking we would have to make him an outdoor cat. Our vet recommended this product so we broke down and tried it. We've had 3 plugins for about two weeks now. We've seen a major difference in this cat. He doesn't pee everywhere like he used to. There are still some areas he does still pee in and some times he still does so but its about 85% better than it was. The package also says it can take up to 3 weeks to kick in the first time and we've only been using it for 2 so there is still room for improvement!

  • RgPhillips - Best Breath-Now salve ever

    I use this over Vicks vapor rub any & every day! I grew up with this and have passed this on to my children. My daughter would get a little stuffy at bedtime and has learned to dap just a little under her nose to help her breath better. She promptly lets me know when she's out!

  • Diane Rodriguez - Finally something that works!

    I purchased this book because my 14 year old, autistic daughter kept gaining weight no matter what I did. We tried weight watchers, I took her to a nutritionist, but nothing worked. Finally, I took her to an endocrinolgist who diagnosed her with insulin resistance. After doing some research, I found this book. We started following the diet and the first week, she lost 2 pounds - she has never lost 2 pounds in a week - even on weight watchers! She is now down 11 pounds in about 5 weeks. She even lost 2 pounds while we were on a cruise. What I like is that it doesn't really eliminate anything which is very difficult for an autistic child. You just have to be mindful of the carb-protein ratios. We are finding the diet easy to follow and look forward to her finally reaching a healthy weight.

  • Alex Michael - Free game that requires lots of $35 cables to play.

    Cable that came with it does not work. My bass and guitar are playing fine when plugged into my head and cab but can't get through the calibration step because it only says cable is unplugged. Would like a replacement, but I doubt that will happen. They clearly make the money off the cable... it costing as much only as with game included.

  • Mike - great fit and easy to install

    Be careful of gasket seal that meets up with roof rails. The corners have a tendency to fold under. Other than that, great fit and easy to install.

  • Paulette Carlson - I never thought I would dislike an oil

    I never thought I would dislike an oil, but it STINKS! I can't stand the taste or the smell. This was a waste of my money due to that. I can't even diffuse or anything due to the smell. If you can ingest this, I can see why you may lose weight...I imagine I would not want to eat after I took this in.

  • Amazon Customer - Kindle Version

    No problems with book itself re contents and layout but the Kindle version does not come with an index.