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  • Toddler Teacher - Didn't work for me...

    Sorry to be a party poop, but this stuff didn't work for me. I was in the early stage of nail thickening, with little to no yellow discoloration. My dermatolgist said I had I nail fungus, but my podiatrist tested it and said it was not fungus, just some result of "trauma", meaning my shoes were too small. I used it conscientiously as directed - twice a day, covered the whole nail and the tip of the nail and even overlapped the skin a bit, let it sit for 15 - 30 minutes before putting on socks, after a couple weeks or so I started clearing out the material under the nail. After 2 months, my nails clearly looked worse - they were about 50% yellow, the whole top half was yellow. The nail seemed to have lifted a bit from the skin. I went back to the dermatologist, who did not test the nails but said that nail fungus tests are highly unreliable and this was definitely fungal. He disagreed with cleaning out substances below the nail because it leads to separation of the nail from the skin, something I was already beginning to see. I am going back to his treatment, a nail laquer called ciclopirox, which I had used before. He told me it only had a 10% chance of success, but that there is really nothing that works for this other than a pill which has serious side effects and the positive results are only temporary, so he thinks it is not worth the risk. If anyone hears of something else that is proven to work, I'd love to know about it. Good luck.

  • Matt D - Good Value

    Fit perfect, and I like the amount of flexibility in positioning the cleats on the bottom of the shoe. Stiffness of the sole makes a tremendous difference - you feel much more connected to the bike. I have noticed some numbness on my medium length (20-30 mile) rides. In fairness, I suspect the problem is cleat positioning. The advantage of these shoes is how many adjustments you can do - unfortunately this is also a weakness as you may spend some time "dialing in" cleat position and strap tightness. Once you do, however, they're fantastic boots - and for almost half the price of other top name brand carbon cycling shoes.