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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -87.6441 Illinois, United States


    I have struggled with acne since my early teen years. Fortunately, birth control pills, retin-A, and other medications seemed to bring it well under control in my late 20's-early 30's.

  • medsmon - Finale 2012 - Buggy, buggy, buggy!!!

    I had been using PrintMusic for a number of years, and back ~2 years ago FInale 2012 came out with a short-term ~$120 upgrade offer vs. what was normally a much more expensive upgrade. "Why not?", I thought, wanting to create accompaniment that sounded much better than PrintMusic MIDI sounds, and hoping that some bugs in PrintMusic would certainly be fixed by now. Well, I found out why not. I have never in my career as a SW engineer found a commercial piece of software with more bugs than this potentially top-notch program.

  • WannaBeSwimSuitPhotographer - it was ok at first, until i got a ...

    it was ok at first, until i got a virus. did a scan and could not find the virus but i knew for a fact my computer was infected because of all the popups and slow performance. I ended up buying Bit Defender and right away it found the virus and eliminated it. Even though i still had 6 month left in the subscription, i uninstalled it and took my loss.

  • John Smith - Popups and blocked web sites all over the place.

    Bought it Feb 7, and it manages to annoy me even to April 6 (today), so it's not just getting used to a new product.

  • Amazon Customer - I like this stuff.

    It's not some miracle product. You actually have to get your heart rate up. Once you do, holy heck. The sweat starts dripping from applied areas. When paired with the waist trimmer belt, sweat abounds on the stomach area. I work in 10 minutes on the elliptical before my muscle area workout and I sweat so bad it's almost annoying. I apply on my arms, shoulders, traps, stomach, love handles, and chest. I've noticed an obvious difference in the flab around those areas. If you work hard and bust your butt in the gym, this stuff will enhance. If you go walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes it probably won't work for you.

  • David R Cornelius - $199 price is deceitful when it reads "Easily pay Empoyees".

    You cannot easily pay "employees" for $199. You can only easily pay ONE employee for $199. Each additional is $24 per year.