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  • Ravdawg87 - review of book

    I got what I asked for in good time as well. The book had no marks, just as it was stated in the product description before I bought it.

  • Jenn Lynn - Not a bad mop for money

    I've been using the mop for the last couple of months and it's pretty good. It's not excellent by any means, but it does do the job. However, if you're a person who really likes to scrub their floor - this is not the mop for you. The mop handle would break in two. It's a sturdy handle - but this mop is not mean for deep cleaning. It definitely picks up the dirt - or maybe just moves it around - I'm not sure. However, I've tried other mops and this so far is the best one I've bought recently.

  • R. Price - Good material plagued by too many errors

    Overall this is a good book for learning strategies but there are too many typos especially in the math sections. There are wrong formulas and practice problems that are wrong. In my opinion, this makes this study guide dangerous to use. If you are uncomfortable with the math section, steer away from this book. Incorrect formulas and problems will make your GRE prep take longer and result in a lower score.

  • Kyle E. Kneisl - Outstanding...for what it is.

    I recently built a box using the AMD A10-5800K...which is a very nice APU using the *FM2 socket*, which this cooler DOES fit. The only problem is, the heatsink/fan AMD provides with this CPU is really awful. With the stock heatsink, I carefully replaced their thermal grease, re-tinted the surface and the CPU cap, etc., and got the stock cooler to work better than most people did.

  • Skepticalshopper - Good product worth purchasing

    Good stuff it actually does help improve the look of skin at least it does for me. first off I used the Aveeno positively radiant for a month and I noticed that some of the dark marks and blemishes I had from minor breakouts were becoming less visible in fact almost gone altogether also the more I used the product the more vibrant my skin looked it has like a glow

  • faye - The item is all scratched up and dirty they didn't even bother to clean up the device

    The item is all scratched up and dirty they didn't even bother to clean up the device. A refurbished item is usually an item which is defective and they send it to the manufacturer not a used. I had the option to buy a used one as well. Very unsatisfied.

  • well written & informative - well written & informative

    I give the book four stars because it is well written and provides valuable information not easily found elsewhere.