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  • Verizon Q9C Owner - Works as advertised

    I have a 97 LS400 with a whining power steering pump and a leaking rack and pinion rack. After removing as much Power Steering Fluid and adding Lucas P/S Stop Leak, the noise went away almost immediately and the steering is much lighter. Definitely works. Cannot comment on the minor leak, but the elimination of the noise saved me about $400!

  • Alexandra Orozco - Pre installed addon for subtitles disappoints!!

    I was very excited with this product until I found out how limited it is using Kodi, I own other android boxes and was willing to use this one for its capacity and superiority. I am a long time user of Kodi, knowing this box had Kodi pre installed made me happy, not because I do not know how to load it but because it meant time saving!! I was mistaken! One of the BIG FLAWs is that this box has only one option for subtitles "open" that is mostly for English. Kodi has so many other options for subtitles in other languages, not english only, that were taken away of this box and can not be loaded, as Tech support said. So if your family members speak, want to learn or want subtitles in any other language this box is not the right choice. Same happened with other add ons not included, tech support stated that this box was not designed to load any Kodi content you want, but only the pre installed stuff.. what?? Kodi is a daily changing environment. It probably makes life easier for Kodi newbies but it is not what a full Kodi user would want.

  • Shippingmgr - Increased Energy

    Been using for 5 months and I have non-stop energy throughout the day every day. I have no problems working long hours at the office, exercising 4 to 5 days per week, and starting up another business on the side. USANA ranks very high at . Check it out!!

  • Mary - but is good for filing them smoothly afterward

    It is slow for actually cutting nails, but is good for filing them smoothly afterward. My toenails are very brittle and when I trim them they need to be filed and this works great for that. Not a fast job, but works really well.

  • Miranda - I can't get enough of the smell!

    I got my haircut a few months back and my stylist used this to ease some of the massive frize and static from my hair. I fell in love with it instantly and the smell is my favorite. Will order more soon!

  • AAAries - I am so glad I ended up buying this

    I am so glad I ended up buying this. My bathtub was already pretty clogged up with hair (I know gross) by the time I came across this great little item and it prevented worse damage until I could get my tub unclogged. And it's been about a month since I got my tub unclogged and I'm still using this wonderful drain which absolutely works. It looks nice (I got a white one) and it does its job of catching any hair that tries to sneak into my bathtub pipe. I clean the drain about once every two weeks but you could probably clean it out less frequently than that if you really wanted to, but I shed A LOT so I try to really keep up with the maintance to prevent any future clogging situations. This is absolutely a wonderful little drain and it seems like it'll last a very long time, also cleaning it takes very little time and effort which is great. Before I got this drain I was using a standard metal drain that didn't work half as well as the Tub Shroom and which lead to my initial hair clogging predicament.