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  • Heather P. - Was hoping this would work. Did not work for me :(

    Did not work for me. Gave it the dedicated time, but not for me! Made to look easy to walk in watching the video. Felt like I would fall and injure more than my injured leg. It puts a lot of strain in multiple places on the uninsured leg. Pushing a buggy, grocery cart, stroller etc. would be okay because you can stabilize yourself. I found it hard to walk around my home and we have clear space with hardwood floors. Hard to bend and pick things up. Hard to do laundry. Took a lot of energy just to do basic things. Crutches are not great. Maybe if this product were not so bulky it would possibly work.

  • Charlie Brit - Not what you expect.

    This does not smell like anything remotely human. If you are looking for something fun, look elsewhere. If you are looking to be outright disgusting, this may be useful for you. The smell is horrible and lasts an insane amount of time indoors.

  • Justin - Avoid quickbooks. Go with another accounting software.

    Quickbooks support is horrible. The support is outsourced overseas and they have no idea what's going on. They have no knowledge of the product. Also, they will require you to pay to upgrade the software every year or so if you wish to use the payroll service because they are "unable to continue providing payroll support for Quickbooks 201x". Do yourself a favor and go with a more customer friendly service.

  • sandra culini-reza - It is not worth the price. The smoothing effect ...

    It is not worth the price. The smoothing effect does not last long and seem to disappear when you layer your makeup over it.

  • linda - Excellent Gift!

    I purchased this item for a friend and have received 2 thank you notes from the recipient. The color was beautiful, cooks fantastic and easy clean-up. You can't go wrong with this line of cookware. Definitely worth the investment.

  • A. Speaker - Awesome volume for fine hair!

    I love this product for giving my hair volume and hold. I have very fine hair and this volumizing spray adds texture to updo's and ponytails, it's great for use when backcombing to get some lift. It can get sticky if you use too much. A little goes a long way. It has a very stiff hold, not flexible or brushable. But perfect for what it's meant to do - give volume and texture to fine hair.