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  • J. Allis - So far, so good

    I have pet parrots and a mouse problem. These things are probably related, but makes dealing with the mice difficult because 1: I don't like inhumane traps and poisons and 2: most of the remaining options for dealing with mice are potentially hazardous to sensitive birdie lungs and curious beaks.

  • heidi - Not as advertised

    I am very disappointed in this product, I used the concentrate and the hose spray bottles. I still have moss on the roof.

  • Peppy - Worth the price and great service

    Well made and comfortable. Customer support is wonderful. I wish every retailer was so polite. It really pays to watch their short demo onYouTube. The lady who does the demo is so fun to listen to its worth watching just for that alone.

  • Peter DeGroot - Fair amount of wind noise but easy to take off and put on when needed

    Installing these was a snap thanks to the helpful reviews explaining the process from Scott and others. (The instructions that come with them are still completely inadequate, although my bars were at least labeled Front and Back.) In use, I am disappointed with the amount of wind noise above 60 mph, especially when there is nothing on the rack. I made sure that the fatter edge was installed facing the front and even tried reversing them to the "wrong" position, but the wind noise persisted. They are installed on a 2014 Grand Cherokee. It has a sunroof, which may or may not make a difference. Anyway, they are easy to put on and take off, a 10 minute job once you get the hang of it, so I just put them on for the fairly infrequent occasions when I need them.

  • Crusader - Fast and Almost Great

    An SSD will impart the greatest improvement in system performance of any upgrade to a computer, and Samsung makes one of the best. The EVO line is their less expensive alternative to the pricier PRO line, but gives up almost nothing in performance. I would rate the drive a 5-star product except that the migration from hard disk to SSD changed the 100MB system area on the disk (for what reason I do not know) and left so little empty space there, you can't perform a disk image. I encountered an identical problem when I upgraded my wife's laptop storage to a Samsung 840 EVO.

  • rmitche1 - Great USB Charger!! (I bought 3!!)

    This is great for CHARGING your usb devices. I have no problems charging my phone, my two sena devices, my nano, and my kindle at the same time. I would recommend this product. I bought 3, one for the home office, one for the night stand and one for my desk at work.