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Free Credits - CS:GO Skins - Your source for all in-game skins - An API that I am working on strictly enforces that a proxy be used in its current implementation, but I hope one day to allow someone to provide their API key in their Javascript files and download API data through a jsonp request. If the motivation behind implementing the API key system is to track server load and hinder API abuse, there is much to be learned from well-established JSON-P providers like Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. Let a user authorise access to private data ie OAuth Currently the only way to get at private data eg current game, blotter history is to either create a dummy steam account and have the user add you as a friend or ask the user for their credentials.

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  • neodiy - Polyseamseal tub & tile caulk

    I wanted something harder than rubbery silicone caulk for my bathtub surround and between the tub and floor. An article that I found on the web recommended silicone-free acrylic latex caulk and mentioned Polyseamseal Tub & Tile Caulk as an example. So far so good, after a month or so, although at first--following the 24-hour curing time--a few little surface bits came off when wiping down the caulk after a shower. I suspect this was due to poor application technique--e.g., not smoothing out the caulk soon enough with a wet finger after applying. Giving the surface a thorough cleaning before caulking is also a must to ensure a good seal. Use a cleanser first, then wipe down with denatured alcohol. Don't use rubbing alcohol! All told, it looks great, no more bits, and it seems to have cured even harder over the week following application.

  • Doctek - Buy this if you need to understand SS.

    Best of the lot for SS coverage! This book gives all the details, explains it all clearly, details the strategies available to get the most out of SS, and provides excellent links. If you're getting ready to draw SS and don't know much, this is the book. Better than Dummies Guide and all the rest.