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  • Leigha - It's good

    I have lower back pain. I don't typically use muscle rubs or pain creams because they usually stink like crazy, or burn, and they're not generally something you want to put on and go about your day. Live relief has only a slight herbal scent to it, that is undetectable once it's quickly absorbed into the skin. There is a very slight, gentle, warming sensation that I wished was a bit stronger. It absorbed well into my skin with no sticky or greasy feeling, and left no stain on my clothes. It only lasted a few hours for me, but it did work for my mild lower back pain. It gave me enough time to enjoy my day without feeling like I stunk like muscle rub.

  • Chad W. - Hands down the best HDMI cable ever purchased.

    This thing is a beast! It's nearly 7/16" thick. The only negative I have is that due to it's thickness, on my one tv, the way in which the HDMI ports are positioned, I really had to work the cable into the port. Length is great though. Now I can have my MacBook resting safely on my nightstand and have the cable routed to it so I can watch media from it while in bed.

  • F. Donald - NOT RECOMMEND

    Roxio has once again failed to provide the user with a selective installer (i.e., install and removal is all or nothing), gives no consideration to the size of the installation (e.g., conscious software vendors are responsive to SSDs and user needs), and no user input as to which third party applications, services and startups are installed/enabled. Conversely, the software does not properly remove registry entries, files and folders when uninstalled.

  • mommabear - My favorite moisturizer, light-weight, absorbs well, doesn't irritate acne prone skin

    I started using CeraVe after seeing amazing results on my son's excema. This is my favorite moisturizer. I choose to use it for daytime as well as nighttime. The PM formula is light weight, and absorbs well into my skin. It does not leave a greasy feeling. I find that the AM formula is a little too sunscreen-like, it sits on top of my skin and doesn't absorb as well. (Yes, I know the PM formula provides no sun protection... I use other products to help with that.) What I like best is that using the PM Lotion, along with CeraVe facial cleanser, seems to have all but cleared up my acne.

  • Kindle Customer - My son loves this bike

    This bike was fairly straightforward to assemble and the parts look very solid and well made. The balance and center of gravity on this bike is great. My son was able to ride it around as well as his previous skuut bike after only a day or two. The hand brake took some getting used to but now after a few months of owning this bike, my son is more comfortable with the hand brake and brakes smoothly. One very minor design draw back: the excess brake cable at the end sticks out about 5 inches right where his right leg goes so we have to tie it down so it doesn't continually rub on his leg (only a problem when he wears shorts). The only functional draw back to this bike is that my son isn't able to go as fast either down hills or of from his own "foot speed" as he could on the skuut. I personally don't mind this as he is three years old and I don't think he needs to be flying on a bike quite yet.

  • Paul Mayer - Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs ...

    Most of the positive reviews for this movie don’t understand all the negative reviews. I, however cannot understand how someone can watch this move and give it 5 stars. Think of your favorite funny movies and honestly tell me this movie belongs among them. For me, that would but this movie on the level of The Blues Brothers. Trading Places, Blazing Saddles, The Big Lebowski to name a few. It doesn’t matter which movies top your list, I just can’t fathom this movie being on that level. I’m not a critic but if I had to say it fails on all levels because it can’t decide what it wants to be. It seems to work best if you think of it as an assemble. All four of the leading actors have funny moments (and I have seen them all to be hilarious in other projects) but none of the jokes really land. The biggest problem is the move has no direction. Now granted a comedy doesn’t need much of a plot, but this movie has nothing to allow one scene to build on the last or for the viewer to become vested in the characters. If you think about it most great comedies start with a chuckle and end with belly laughs.

  • Dulce - Simply love it.

    Plenty of repetition and proper allocation of pictures. My son is dyslexic and this helped him separate words and enjoy. Love it.