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  • Chemung Valley Veterinary Clinic, Our Staff, Guy Cutler - We are members of the New York State Medical Society and of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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  • That awesome girl - It's interesting...

    For me...It seems to lower my heart rate allowing me to push hard before I get into my usual HR zone. Because of this I did sweat more than usual, which made me nauseous do too dehydration. I've been using this for almost a month, and I noticed these changes when I went to the gym without it. I'd recommend this product if you need a boost to go harder.

  • Amazon Customer - Pleased but frustrated

    I'm impressed with the initial quality and ease of set- up, once it was explained( via comments section). Yet, after having it for a few weeks, I've been having trouble with the received video. It looks as if its getting too much light and can't adjust to the motion of the images, something like a stutter. I've tried various formats and even changed the player drivers on my phone and tablet, yet the problem persists. If I can solve this dilemma, i will gladly change my rating to a five star, as that would rate the cams ability to be adjusted and or problem corrected. If you have any ideas that would help me with this, they will be greatly appreciated. Till then, I'll stand by my 4 star, only because of the time it took to start malfunctioning. P.S.: Lens is clean and debris free. First thing I checked!

  • Amazon Customer - Great for Oily Skin

    I have extremely oily skin which makes me prone to breaking out. I started using this product about year ago and it does a great job. In the event that I do break out, this product helps expedite the recovery period. I've used the Murad line for acne skin and found this product worked better for a fraction of the price! Be sure to use white towels and cover your shirts when using this product as it will bleach your stuff! While this make sense given the ingredients in this product, it took several ruined shirts and towels before I "got" it!

  • Michael K - Is this a joke?

    The handle came off the tube immediately. It seems to have never been attached in any way. The one I got was 100% useless.

  • Miss Dre - Get Your Life and Tell a Friend!

    Some days when perusing the wonderful digital world of the Internet, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the flux of reality star tell-alls, celebrities behaving badly, and the latest pop culture craze. Social media and modern technology makes it very easy to stay connected to all of these things with just the touch of an index finger or thumb. Other days, we just can't with the shenanigans. We're over who's engaged to who, who's divorcing who, and we don't want to read another twitter rant from "that guy" from "that show." On those days when I just "could not," I knew I could look to Luvvie Ajayi and her humor blog, Awesomely Luvvie, to deliver a word or two to help me cope with all the things.

  • QueenEBEE - Disappointed In This Product

    I DID NOT like this make up at all. It made my skin tone look orange - I used the lightest shade available because I am fair skinned but it still turned orange on me! It also has a shiny glittery effect on the skin that I hate. I have to agree with some other reviews that it does not cover flaws well either and does not stay on well for lasting coverage. I will stick with my tried and true liquid brand that has pretty much always served me well. I only tried the starter kit because I had heard so much great hype for this product, however, I was greatly disappointed in the performance and look of this make up.