Cyntegrity - Risk Based Monitoring Solutions - Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) and CRO Oversight technology, KRIs, process (fully complaint with FDA, EMA, TransCelerate guidelines)

  • Our Management | Cyntegrity - Who is in Our Management Team? 15+ year of experience in data quality projects, RBM and data management for pharmaceutical industry. Life passion: do
  • Our Values and Goals | Cyntegrity - Our Values and Goals are our navigators in the ocean of pharmaceutical business
  • Careers | Cyntegrity - Cyntegrity Germany GmbH is searching for extremely talented students in data mining and C-Sharp development to help pioneer risk management in clinical trials
  • About Risk Based Monitoring | Cyntegrity - What is RBM? Simple explanation. Differences between EMA and FDA views. What pitfalls and complications can during an implementation of RBM in clinical trials
  • @RACT - a unique cloud of TrasnCelerate's RACTs | Cyntegrity - A free and extended version of TrasnCelerate's RACT, which offers audit trail, risk reports, and multi-trial support.
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) for Clinical Trials | Cyntegrity - What KRIs are available for a clinical trial? KRI Sets Available in Cyntegrity’s RBM System Data quality is the next stage after the fraud check. This KRI set
  • Revolutionary RBM Tool | Cyntegrity - An RBM software platform, which unites Centralized Clinical Data Surveillance, Statistical Data Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation in one.
  • Data Quality Assurance (DataQA.Cloud) | Cyntegrity - Unique clinical data quality assurance engine protects any clinical data from errors and mistakes.
  • CyntegrityEDU - Risk-based Monitoring Education | Cyntegrity - CyntegrityEDU is the wide range of courses and seminars that Cyntegrity offers to everybody, who is interested to know more about RBM.
  • CyntegrityPRO | Cyntegrity - CyntegrityPro is a sponsor oversight service, which pharma organizations have to fulfill following the new GCP compliance
  • Publications & Projects | Cyntegrity - See our resource library for publications, read Case Studies or investigate White-Papers.

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