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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Hobee - You Will Hate Yourself For Wasting Your Time If You Watch This Movie!!!

    This is a horrible movie. I couldn't even finish watching it. Bad acting, bad directing, and uninteresting sets. It is just painful to sit I didn't.

  • Timothy Mason - If you need this, you REALLY NEED THIS.

    I can accept that the top of my head is getting thin. I am even going to embrace it, come New Years Day with a new lack of hair style, when I finally free my scalp from the bondage of hair. The same hair that used to populate the top of my head is now growing on my back, but this is unacceptable. It had to go.

  • G. D'Attilio - Greatest Shampoo in the World

    I'm not sure how to describe this shampoo. I have tried probably hundreds of different shampoos, trying to figure out what works best. My hair has always seemed dry and stiff, despite using moisturizers (or the opposite) and shampoos that claim to make it silky or soft. If you want silky or soft hair that you thought only possible in movies and have had difficulties with try/stiff hair, then this is for you. Make sure to complement it with the correct conditioner as it will not work well on its own. I use Herbal Essence to complement, and now I can't stop running my own fingers through my own hair (yes I know that sounds vain, but I have to thank Paul Mitchell).

  • Amazon Customer - Flabbergasted

    That's the word of the day. I am FLABBERGASTED that this got such high ratings? Please don't read further if you don't want spoilers. I'll try to keep it to a minimum but it can't be helped.

  • W. Fisher - A kiddo dream book

    Santa brought this for our son for Christmas... he loves it, and so does his brother and all his cousins (younger and older). Just sort of a bizarro way to introduce the concepts of the breadth of the human condition, I suppose. Generally well done with lots of photos and small, interesting factoids.