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  • When Nurses Cry | Filipino Nurses - The viral picture of a doctor grieving after a patient died resonated with me. It has struck a chord in every other person who works in the medical field. A

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  • Hard Worker - Life or Debt 2010: A New Path to Financial Freedom

    This is an excellent how-to book on getting out of debt fast, and staying debt free. With wit and wisdom, Stacy Johnson reminds us that wasteful ways trap people in a cycle of debt. We have to be our own best friends and be vigilant in avoiding common pitfalls that rob us of our hard earned cash. If you follow this plan, you will be able to solve your financial problems and avoid new ones.

  • amoeba013 - Works well in metro area...

    After reading the myriad of reviews about this antenna all over the web, it pretty much leaves you up to deciding on your i figured I'd take a chance and see what happened. I live in the Denver metro area so radio signal strength is very good wherever I spend my time (I haven't tried up in the mountains yet, but Satellite is the only true answer there). For the folks that are living out in rural areas, or even just moderately distanced from the radio towers, i would expect the Stubby to be much less effective as many have already pointed out...thats just simple physics. Like I said, living close to the metro area, the antenna is working great, i'm getting very clear signal and all the HD stations tune in so no loss of functionality there. The Stubby itself looks good, is constructed well, fit was spot on (as it should since its not a universal fit accessory). I am using this on my '13 Toyota 4Runner and its a much improved look over the stock 2ft. antenna.

  • Richard Wilson - I love this game

    I love this game and with this new ball, the games are more exciting and intense between me and my friends

  • Another Review - Installation takes 2 minutes. 1 minute if you don't need a ladder.

    Works as well, if not better than the factory antenna. Installed in 2 minutes. Could be priced less, but I would have to say that the quality matches the price point.

  • August Hartigan - Works great. No side effects.

    This stuff worked great for my 18year old son. He continues to have sinus problems but I would estimate an 80 percent improvement since he started using this product. No side effects. He has been using it for the last two years whenever his sinus problems return.