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  • Rachel - Purchased this for our Graco Sung Ride Click Connect 35 ...

    Purchased this for our Graco Sung Ride Click Connect 35 carseat as there is not a adapter that is designed specifically for this product. It works perfectly and we can use our BOB stroller with the carseat.

  • Dixie Dinah - Wonderful oils!~

    This package of oils was just what I wanted. Some woman online has a mixture of hot water and orange oil that she uses to clean her oven window. Also I am scenting white vinegar for cleaning. The eucalyptus was recommended but when I saw this package, I had to have it. I've already used the sweet orange in some hand lotion and it smells glorious. I'll be mixing my cleaning solutions tomorrow! Might I add, this is a great price for six bottles. Wish I had found clove oil in there...I'll just have to buy that one separately, and I will not mind if I can get Kis Natural!

  • MartiH - May be good for tax lawyers or accounts, but not regular tax payers

    I was looking for a guide to filing my taxes; something that told me what qualifies someone as a dependent, what deductions I could take, etc. Just normal tips so I could file my taxes without paying someone $30-50 to do it. This book is so obscure that's it's practically useless.

  • Nunya Biz - Space heater for the space age.

    Arrives very well packaged and not as heavy as you might expect. Build quality is exceptional. It's ready to go right out of the box if you like. Setting the wireless connection up is a breeze with the included instructions. The included remote is light, small and easy to operate. Nice and simple kind of like a apple remote. The Dyson app shows an amazing amount of information and you have access to that information from pretty much anywhere. I really like that it heats, cools and purifies all in one nice clean unit. Overall highly recommended.

  • Jan Gunter - The diet will help you lose weight

    This does seem like Atkins Redux, but I think it is worth a look if you want to lose belly fat. At first I was really turned off by the lack of fruit in the plan, but on further review I'm coming to see fruit as the treat that it is. It's just that we have produce in abundance without regard for seasons because we can get fruits and vegetables from the far corners of the world. Since I believe in seasonal and local eating, this makes good sense. What fruits would I be able to get in the winter if I were growing them myself? Hmmm...... Not many.

  • M. Day - Hair repair

    I have long, thick wavy/curly hair that has become a lot drier over this last year or so, thanks to getting older, no doubt! Never had an issue with dryness or frizz or breakage before, but now I do. I've tried SO many products for help, wasted a lot of money, but this is really working. It soothes the dryness, detangles and helps some with the frizz - not a miracle for that, but better than it's been. GREAT scent, too! AND a very nice amount of product for the money, won't run out quickly - very happy about that - that's important to me given the amount of hair I have and the length! Recommended.