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  • latoyia - great!!!

    I have been drinking the detox tea twice a day combined with a gallon of water and I love the results. I had a stubborn lower stomach Pudge that has completely disappeared. I feel much better as whole as well.

  • Maezeppa - Lasts at Least 18 Months in the Refrigerator

    Sugru is bang-on great. Just make sure you don't try shortcuts like skipping over ensuring surfaces are clean and oil-free, or not kneading the Sugru for a while to make sure it's fully consistent.

  • Sara E. Brenton - excellent, single purchase spray!

    I love this spray!!! I ended up not having bed bugs, but thought I did. Then, after treating my house, my mom got them, so I brought this to her house and treated her place thoroughly. We have not seen any signs of bed bugs since treating the house, which put her mind at ease so much! I would buy this again, but there are no bugs left to kill! It just works so well!

  • Erin - Terrible mistake! Product will not dry!

    I purchased this product a week ago and followed the directions word by word. Product box says wait 3 full days before use, we are on day 7 and we still cannot use our countertops without making marks or huge dents in the finish. We were patient and willing to wait another day at day three when this problem happened. However at this point it is day after day after day and it doesn't appear to be getting better. This has turned in to a nightmare. I would never recommend this product to anyone. We were really hoping for an easy way to update the kitchen. Our next plan was to use the cabinet refinishing kit, but I've lost trust in this brand and product.