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  • T. Owens - What a joke, looks cool buy I woukdnt cool grilled cheese in it, falsely advertised to do what it claims it does.

    When will we learn to stay away from those dang Infomercial products. Yea, This looked lije a good deal, I cook often and love anything non stick, but yet again i got burned on something too good to be true. I used it twice for eggs and tge furst time was excellent, however the second time it didnt slide out due to sticking. Amazon shoujd be ashamed to allow such poorly advertised products that blantly false advertize a product. I did however send mine back w no issues. Anyone elseout there giving this rave reviews has to be lying or getting compensated for their review. My advice is find a Culinary store in your area and buy a true proffesional cooking pan set, cost can be high but at least youre buying time tested cookware tgats made to last for years.

  • I. Brown - great moisturizer

    I have a chronically dry nose and "t-zone" on my face. I needed something that could provide moisture that is not greasy. I use this at night, and my nose is actually normal in the morning. I saw results right away. Its almost as if my dry skin is "cured".

  • kelker11 - Works Great

    I ordered the Original flavor. It tastes a lot like Alka Seltzer, only stronger. This product works really well. Taken at the dose on the label, I did feel more relaxed and less stressed. Once it got in my system, it was almost like taking a sleeping pill, as I would get very sleepy within an hour or so of taking it. The problem for me was that it seemed to build up within my system. And the relaxed mellow state I started in soon became the fatigued energy-less state. At first, I didn't realize that it was caused by this product. But when I stopped taking it, the extreme fatigue did stop. I'm giving this product five stars, because it works REALLY well. But you do have to watch your own body and adjust your dosage accordingly. I still take this product, but just not as often, and not on a regular schedule. Maybe that's just me. Do try it, but just be aware of what it can do.