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  • Lisa C - NOT a vacu vin it's a cheap imitation!!!

    This is not a vacu vin wine saver. It is a cheap imitation. I have two others and I could tell right away it wasn't the real thing. It doesn't click and doesn't seem to work. It came in a plastic bag. No box or package and no instructions. I purchased it as a gift but definitely can't give it to them.

  • brittany - Damp Rid

    I give four stars because although it does absorb moisture well and lasts at least three months, it does not absorb moisture from the air quickly and it does not eliminate musty odor entirely. It does help quite a bit though. I recommend one per room for people who have significant humidity in their homes, due to lack of proper insulation (my situation in a rental townhouse) and/or due to weather conditions in your location.

  • Kate - A must for those painful tattoo spots!

    This stuff is amazing! I have several tattoos so I know what to expect pain wise. I recently purchased this because I was having a chest piece done and I've witnessed grown men pass out having their chest tattooed so I thought, better safe than sorry! I applied as directed and I didn't feel a thing until the last few minutes and even then it wasn't unbearable. It lasted almost 4 hours for me and I would highly recommend for those very painful areas.

  • Michael - Great game! A plethora of songs to choose from ...

    Great game! A plethora of songs to choose from and get down too! I saw this game at Walmart for $30. so buying on here for $18 feels like a steal!

  • Frederick - the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match ...

    It's not intuitive at all first thing off the bat. The dance moves are extremely complicated and it doesn't show you how to do any of them, just throws you right in. I wish there was a tutorial or some kind of walk through before you did the dance. I also wish there was a battle mode for local co-op play. With all that said, the game can be fun once you stop trying to even attempt to match the moves on screen and just start doing your own version of them.