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  • Anna Maher - Nice product - I have extremely reactive skin in my ...

    Nice product - I have extremely reactive skin in my bikini area and am prone to ingrown hairs, constant razor bumps and cystic acne. This product was noticeably more effective than typical creams like Bikinizone. It burns like rubbing alcohol upon application, but that goes away very quickly and the results are better than anything else I've tried

  • Ainsley A Aris II - This Apple Berry shake by Purium Works 100%

    i did this program a couple years ago and got rid of my diabetes. When you get hingry night time sautee some kale or brocolli in coconut oil

  • Amanda - Make a fantastic toxic-free FACE wash!

    Yes, my hubby & I both have been using this as our foaming face wash for about 6 years now and we still love it. Oh...and it's great for washing your kiddos too. haha. I love the fresh orange-vanilla aroma. It cleans without drying or irritating my super sensitive skin and takes care of my hubby's more oil prone skin too. Truly great for all skin-types and the refill will fill the smaller bottle up about 6 times...great value!

  • Ronald D. Fogle - Poor--Poor--Poor!

    This is the worst program that the company has produced yet! Very unfriendly and it takes over other programs on my computer. I would not recommend this at all.

  • Hemanth Akkiraju - Loved it and i will definitely get another soon

    I do not know if it is placebo or not. But i can tell you that all my lifts went up my atleast 30 pounds within the first one month on this. My recovery was phenomenal. I was able to lift big and hit the target muscle group twice in the same month. Visible difference in the overall body composition. Loved it and i will definitely get another soon.