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  • Barb - Mich - Must have for writers

    Having been a successful writer when my kids were little, other jobs took my time. Now retired, and re-entering the field, I needed updating. Internet has improved greatly, but I am most comfortable with a book in my hands. Or on my lap as Writer's Market is now huge, with many publishers I never heard of. It opens a whole new world, with dollar signs blinking.

  • Jonathan D. Smith - Does this really need a review?

    This pot is the bomb! I bought this for my wife for Christmas a couple of years ago and we use it for all kinds of stuff, even mac'n'cheese. It's heavy enough to keep an even heat, even on our old hot-spotty range. Now on our induction cooktop it will make stock like nobody's business. Seriously, if you're looking for the most awesome cooking vessel of this type, this is the brand to buy.

  • Brian Fukumoto - Nice quality and no impact to radio reception

    Very high quality paint finish and easy to follow instructions. I found no noticeable difference in AM/FM reception or Sirius XM reception after installation. It is much larger in profile than the shark fin antennas you see on newer, late model cars but because this is designed to fit over the existing antenna base, it has to be wide. Color match to my 2013 Ford Fusion was nearly perfect. I have had mine installed for a year with no issues with the adhesive or foam gasket.

  • Rose Vines - A letdown after earlier Fitbits

    I've used the Fitbit Ultra and the Fitbit One and enjoyed using them both, but, after having lost two of them because of the clip design, I looked forward to getting a Flex. As a swimmer, I was also interested in the Flex because you can wear it in the pool.

  • Annie G - Great tool for running with

    Great tool for running with, I like the larger one as I seem to always need water and go on long walks/runs.

  • Shawna Solomon - excited about this stuff

    I would like to start by saying that I normally am not moved enough, one way or the other, to review products. I am also fairly pessimistic due to having tried a lot of things that haven't worked for me. I have back pain due to injuries, arthritis and FMS. I hoped this product might be helpful but wasn't counting on it. I certainly didn't expect immediate results. A few hours after taking it I found myself pain free. This has lasted 12 hrs now and counting. I will continue use and provide an update but I am wondering if I have finally found what I've been searching for. Will have to continue use to see.

  • Nichole Gustafson - I like that the answer and rationale are separate than the ...

    Book is brand new and arrived fairly quickly. Also has a disc included with tutorial videos. I like that the answer and rationale are separate than the actual question. Keeps from accidently seeing the answer before you're ready to.