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    Unfortunately I will be returning all the collars to the manufacturer due to the fact that on their website it states you cannot have your dogs sleep with your children or on your bed. Its absolutely absurd that the directions in the package do not mention this but the website states this. I have written Bayer and asked for a full refund since they are already used now, and cannot be returned to the seller.

  • billy - very accurate and easy compared to mercury thermometer

    I love this new digital thermometer technology. it is so quick and non invasive and it can be used on all ages. i no longer have to waste time with my manually classic mercury thermometer, since it tested out to be just as accurate. I used my family as a guinea pig and took a variety of temperatures with both thermometers. They both seem very accurate and pretty close. Plus the difference of a few tenths of a degree usually isn’t enough that’s going to change what you do, whether it’s give meds or not give meds, or take to the doctor versus not take to the doctor. Temporal is a great option.

  • BeckyJane - Finally a non-streaking cleaner for my floors

    I bought this on a recommendation from a woman's personal blog. Good cleaning products can be hard to find, but we are impressed with this product. I use it mainly to clean my vast expanse of high quality vinyl flooring. No streaks and leaves my floors shiny and clean. I've also used it to clean difficult stains in my laundry with superior results.

  • Miss Lauren Lovett - Brilliant Red, Perfect Bleach

    I've been using this color and bleach on and off for a year now, and I absolutely love it. I have fine hair, so I was wary when I first tried bleaching my hair, I didn't want to burn it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This bleach was very gentle on my hair, yet was very effective at getting my hair to the yellow-blonde that is best for this color. You can still use this color if you have light/medium brown hair, it's still VERY vibrant red, but it's even brighter if you can get your hair to the yellowish blonde all over, which is easy to do with the bleach.

  • Danielle - Awesome

    I think this book was a good influence for the pat at the end when they all were friends again that shows that whenever you are in a fight with a friend or multiple friends at the end t always forgive and you may not forget but the saying is forgive and forget which I think is what they were doing!!!