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  • Kayla - Easy to use.

    I have only used this kit once so far and i haven't had any noticible changes in the shade of my teeth. I was a little nervous the first time so I didn't use very much of the gel and didn't leave it on my teeth for more than 5 minutes as I wanted to make sure that I personally wouldn't have any problems with this product. I really like that this comes with an LED light that is supposed to make the processing time shorter. I found that the directions were well stated and easy to follow. I will update this review after I have used it a couple more times to see if I have any results or not. I think that it is awesome that there are home kits to whiten your teeth, especially since I have my wedding coming up and it can be espensive to go and have your teeth professionally whitened. I will continue using this product. I will include any before and after pictures in my updated review.

  • Chlöe Nicole Hensley - Intense

    I see a few people giving this bad reviews. I think the point here is that you have to know who Jillian Michaels is. And, if your new to fitness, then you probably won't. She's a pretty intense hardcore fitness professional. And, this game shows it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as Wii Fit Plus and other games, but then again, that is not what Jillian Michaels is about. She's about hardcore fitness and getting you to her level.

  • Cathy Nugent - I would say the day and night cream are essentially Ponds cold cream put into a smaller jar than Ponds would give and of no bett

    I was at a mall the other day, where I was approached by some young people in a Deja Vu pop-up store. I got a very high-pressure sales pitch by two unrelenting sales representatives. I left with $300 in products that are probably worth about $75 or maybe $100 tops. After sitting down for a a little while, I went back to the stand and asked to return the items. I was told there are no refunds on the products, so I am stuck. When I got home and looked closely at the items, I would say the day and night cream are essentially Ponds cold cream put into a smaller jar than Ponds would give and of no better quality. The facial peeling stuff sticks like glue to my cheeks and is horrible. If you are approached by sales representatives of this product, I would say put your hand up, don't make eye contact and run like the wind to get away. You will do much better with Oil of Olay or Neutrogenia. I was tired and hungry and succumbed to a pushy sales person. I hope you don't.

  • Steve - Looks great and easy install with NO DRILLING!

    Looks great! Took a little bit to install on my 2014 Rubicon Unlimited when I couldn't reach all the clips to uninstall the factory one but the rest was easy. The instructions are all pictures and no words but you'll get the idea real quick. Great addition to my Jeep!

  • Andrew Dendel - Great price but DECEITFUL billing practices for upgrade by Intuit!

    As noted by others, this is great pricing for the combination of products. Also, as noted elsewhere, this Enhanced Payroll is only for up to 3 employees. I called before buying to find out what the cost would be to upgrade to unlimited employees and was told it would be $100. This matched other reviewer's information that I had read online.

  • Cilda Scotland - You can't beat it.

    This HP Refurbished laptop works well for just $200. It's light and easy to transport. Recommend for college students who need a new laptop that works well. Comes with windows 10 installed, it does only have 2 GB. 100 GB of OneDrive also come with that purchase, doesn't come with Microsoft installed. College students can get Microsoft for free with their school email. I recommend​ to buy this product.

  • biggy schmalz - best lube for MP 5 bolt assembly

    Based on a recomendation from another MP5 semiauto owner, I bought this product and was very impressed with its coating and lubricity characteristics on the carrier and bolt assmebly of my gun. It is the best that I have tried thus far. A little goes a long way!