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  • The Choosy Moose - Easy Install, Quiet Operation

    Installed this garbage disposal when the old Badger broke. Wanted to replace it with something a little more robust and hoped that this could use the same mounting scheme. Yes, it can!

  • J. Erickson - Amazing coffee!

    This coffee is truly "almost heaven" and has taken our home coffee drinking experience to a new level. I have been unable to find any more at my local Starbucks shops and was thrilled to find it here. Make sure you stock up on this limited release coffee before it is gone. If you are unsure, ask your Starbucks barista for his/her opinion on this fabulous brew.

  • Jared Edens - It's alright, could be better.

    My big problem lately is that Avast has felt the need to start aggressively advertising these additional services. Little pop up notifications and windows will sporadically happen trying to get me to purchase 30-50 dollar pieces of software that probably barely warrant a price tag of 10-20.

  • Vicki L Hilker - Cidion hand crank grinder

    It grinds meat great but it will not stay in place, the suction is not there. I should have just bought one that you attach to the edge of the counter. The only way I can use this one is if my husband holds and I turn the crank. Ha Ha

  • Phil Beazle - So far so good

    Used it on a shower pan about 3 weeks ago. So far it looks great. There are some brush marks left, but that's more my fault for going over partly dried paint, and on a shower pan you don't notice them. Read instructions in box and on both cans as there's a little info on each. I found the mix ratio on the can and only mixed what I needed (the package had much more than I needed for a shower pan.) Biggest hassle was crawling under house to remove the drain. Arms were tired from lots of vigorous cleaning and sanding. Stink wasn't as bad as I expected. Smelled like paint thinner to me. Most went away after 2-3 days.

  • Howard Myers - Results so far are marginal

    I tried this on my new golf shoes. It was okay but in spite of following the directions diligently it didn't live up to my expectations. The multiple layers required of can one and then can two should have produced pronounced results.


    I have never tried any type of drops as a form of a diet. However, I happened to find this while looking for some b-12 drops for energy. I read the reviews, some good-some bad. I decided what the heck, I've practically drank every type of protein shake there is, what's a few drops going to hurt. I have now come to the conclusion that this is the BEST INVESTMENT EVER!! I am soooo pleased with this product.