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Lekovi za sve vrste bolesti - Lekovi za lečenje svih vrsta bolesti. Lekovi su kao tablete, kapi, kapsule ili mast. Opisan je način upotrebe, doziranje, kontraindikacije i nuspojave.

  • http://lekoviza.com/ernafil-tablete-za-potenciju/ Ernafil – tablete za potenciju | Lekovi - Ernafil – tablete za potenciju. Doziranje i način primene. Nuspojave, kontraindikacije i uputstvo za upotrebu. Cena leka je oko 450 dinara.
  • http://lekoviza.com/esmya-lek-za-miome/ Esmya – lek za miome | Lekovi - Esmya – lek za miome. Esmya u periodu trudnoće i dojenja. Primena i uputstvo za upotrebu. doziranje i kontraindikacije.
  • http://lekoviza.com/escitalopram-lek-za-anksioznost/ Escitalopram – lek za anksioznost | Lekovi - Escitalopram – lek za anksioznost. Escitalopram tablete u trudnoći i dojenje. Moguće nuspojave, kontraindikacije i neželjena dejstva leka. Doziranje i način
  • http://lekoviza.com/emanera-tablete-za-gastritis/ Emanera – tablete za gastritis | Lekovi - Emanera – tablete za gastritis. Emanera u trudnoći i dojenje. Način primene, doziranje i uputstvo za upotrebu. Nuspojave i kontraindikacije.
  • http://lekoviza.com/duac-gel-preparat-protiv-akni/ Duac gel – preparat protiv akni | Lekovi - Duac gel – preparat protiv akni. Duac u periodu trudnoće i dojenja. Nuspojave, neželjena dejstva i kontraindikacije. Uputstvo i način upotrebe.
  • http://lekoviza.com/dopamin-lek-za-jacanje-srcane-snage/ Dopamin – lek za jačanje srčane snage | Lekovi - Dopamin – lek za jačanje srčane snage. Dopamin u trudnoći i dojenje. Neželjena dejstva leka - nuspojave i kontraindikacije. Doziranje leka kroz infuziju.
  • http://lekoviza.com/dulcolax-tablete-protiv-opstipacije/ Dulcolax – tablete protiv opstipacije | Lekovi - Dulcolax – tablete protiv opstipacije. Doziranje i primena. Dulcolax u trudnoći i tokom dojenja. Neželjena dejstva i kontraindikacije.
  • http://lekoviza.com/diflucan-tablete-protiv-gljivica/ Diflucan – tablete protiv gljivica | Lekovi - Diflucan – tablete protiv gljivica. DIFLUCAN u trudnoći i dojenje. Nuspojave, neželjena dejstva i kontraindikacije. Doziranje i uputstvo za upotrebu.
  • http://lekoviza.com/diclorapid-protiv-bolova-i-upala/ Diclorapid – protiv bolova i upala | Lekovi - Diclorapid - protiv bolova i upala. Primena leka DicloRapid u trudnoći i dojenje. Neželjeni efekti, nuspojave i kontraindikacije. Doziranje i primena.
  • http://lekoviza.com/dermodrin-mast-protiv-svraba-i-koznih-alergija/ Dermodrin – mast protiv svraba i kožnih alergija | Lekovi - Dermodrin – mast protiv svraba i kožnih alergija. Doziranje i primena. Dermodrin mast u trudnoći i dojenje. Neželjena dejstva i kontraindikacije.

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    City: 16 City of Zagreb, Croatia

  • HurleyP. - One of the Greatest Lego Concepts Ever!!

    First off, it's Lego, so you know it's going to be fun to play. But this takes it to a whole new level! This has an immense free-roam city made of Lego's and has an excellent story line that makes for a fun game to play. Even if you're new to the Lego video games, it's very simple to play, and the missions don't take hours to complete or make it difficult to figure out what you're supposed to do. The characters are pretty funny, and taking down bad guys is a lot fun. Basically, for everything that you can do, it's well worth the price, graphics are good, even in 3D, and is simple enough anyone can play it, but intense enough that hard core gamers will still get a lot of enjoyment from playing it!!

  • roland tabije - sturdy, and solid compared to others I've had to ...

    The carseat was very light, sturdy, and solid compared to others I've had to install. Very simple yet secure. Material was really good quality. I liked the anti-rebound bar too. All the straps and buckles were well concealed and organized. Would've been nice if the seat came with some padding for the straps especiall for the price you pay. Only concern I had was if the carseat got dirty w/ stains/spills, how we would be able to clean it thuroughly. The material was supposed to be so good that anything could just be wiped off. I had to return it though because although it had all the nice features that I was looking for, it was still too tall/long for our H3 Hummer and 3 Series BMW for rear facing for the driver and passenger to sit comfortably.