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    I purchased this software when it originally came out, directly from Radium Technologies, and was told I'd get free upgrades for life. I upgraded to the LC 2005 version at no cost a few years back, and now wanted to get this version. I have tried and tried to contact their customer support via their website since March 2015 because the upgrade instructions in the knowledge base are not working for me. I have had NO response from any of the FIVE support tickets I submitted whatsoever, despite going through the ONLY options they provide to get support. It is a shame as I really liked this software and would even be willing to purchase this upgrade, despite the' free upgrade' promise I was given, but their customer service is totally non responsive so I am looking for another program where I can get support if needed even though it means having to retype the hundreds of recipes I have input into this program.

  • Jennifer B. - Disappointed

    I was excited to try this after reading so many good reviews. I don't have super damaged hair but it is a little dry and not as shiny as it used to be. This product is very expensive for what seems like mosty palm oil. I found it fairly easy to use. It smelled like smoke from burning leaves which was unpleasant but ithe smell washed out. I did not notice any difference whatsoever in my hair after using it. For me it is not worth the money and the time spent using it.

  • Amazon Customer - This works as advertised.

    It is gentle and allows you to maintain your lifestyle, while taking care of your colon and liver. It does get things moving but not in an urgent or oh Lord help me type of way.

  • Susan Nodell - Great product

    I just starting taking it. Very easy to take. I feel like a change in my cm already! Love it. Could definitely see me taking the during pregnancy and prenatal formula in the future. Good price also

  • Marcia W. Simmons - Fall Fight fights fall out.

    Great product, I was skeptical but it seems to be working to fight the hair loss my medication causes. It was delivered in quick time and just as it was described.

  • Gabe Ostrovsky - Great Product really helps systemize you business and anything you do

    I think this is really a great product. Truly easy to use and NOT to mention you have access via online. It really helps me think out a project prior to diving in to get a lot of questions answered that maybe you have not thought about. Looking forward to diving into this program much more over the next year.

  • SillyGirl71 - using the product seemed AMAZING so I said

    I can honestly say, I became a brand partner a little over a year ago. At first, using the product seemed AMAZING so I said, why not?! Now, first of all if you do get involved it's like a total cult mentality-no lie. They're a bit nuts with it and if someone tries to sell you that "I love making my own hours and working when I want to so I can be with my family.." it's crap! Funny, these people say they have time freedom but want you on calls and events every week on evenings and weekends,...FAMILY TIME! Now to the product. About three months ago it stopped working for me. I mean, dead stop. My crows feet were awful, the frown line and laugh lines deeper, so I asked my friend who signed me up and I got "could have been a bad batch. Open a new bottle." Still nothing. Went to my medspa and got botox (which actually does work miracles! lol) and the doctor and I discussed it and he told me that in some people it WILL work great for a LIMITED time due to the fact that the oleander tends to cause inflammation. When you're inflamed and "puffy" it decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, I built up a tolerance (just as you would to a medication you take daily) and the swelling decreased more and more...showing the wrinkles. 100% honesty, I get better results with the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line. All their products are great and inexpensive. By the way, all the other ingredients in Nerium are laughable and common and found in EVERY OTC moisturizer. I feel like a bad person for calling out a company I've been affiliated with but I would say don't bother and DEF don't get roped into the "business". Oh and if you HATE network marketing "catch phrases" like "you're on FIRE" and "You don't want to miss this ride!" you will want to beat all of them senseless :)