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  • Conservative Okie - How many want their money back on Obama ?

    I am somewhat amused by all those that have given this movie a 1 star rating and I will bet 98% are democrats who have not even seen it . They just come here and trash it because they love Obama and he can do no wrong in their eyes. I and my wife watched this movie a couple weekends ago . Dinesh uses a LOT of Obama in his own words . Obama recorded his own audio for his book Dreams FROM My Father. Dinesh uses Obamas own voice in the reading of that book to reveal what and who Obama is . This is why I find it amusing the left call it all lies and propaganda ... when their lord and savior Obama tells you this stuff in his own book. Do they feel Obama lied in his own book and his own words? If you feel it is all lies and propaganda , you should truly feel Obama IS lies and propaganda. Why hate on Dinesh for simply allowing Obama to tell his own story ?

  • Kirk - The shampoo/wash itself is excellent, the bottle could use a reworking

    This is all I use for showering my boys. It lathers up real nice, gets their hair and body clean like it should and best of all doesn't leave them smelling like a old department store perfume counter.

  • Taylor Mouser - Want Amazing Hair? You've found it!

    I am highly impressed with the Keeva Deep Conditioning treatment! My hair looks and feel amazing after just one use. The smell is pleasant as well and with all natural ingredients, I couldn't ask for a better product. I am very thankful to have received this product at a discount for my honest opinion. I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry, damaged hair.

  • wilco - Freetom Pop is a great backup device

    I have used The Freedom Spot Photon for about a year and it is a great back-up device when I am not near a Wi-Fi or cable internet connection. It was a great companion when I vacationed in Las Vegas recently because the motel I stayed in did not have internet in the rooms . Without the Photon I would have had do go to the noisy casino level to use my tablet on their WiFi. It is also a valuable device to have when I visit my parents in North Carolina since they don't have internet. During a recent storm I was able to use my tablet and laptop even though the cable lines were down. I usually stay within the free 500 Megabyte monthly limit but occasionally I go over that amount. I don't mind paying the extra .02/megabyte charge when I have a need to do more surfing, downloading, and so on. The Spot Photon is much more secure than traditional free WiFi since it is encrypted and requires my unique password.