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  • J. Yowpa - Thought it was awesome until the snow melted

    Last year we decided to use this on our wooden deck. We followed the directions to a T and loved the result. Snow melted this summer (we did not shovel the deck) and there are chips and peelings everywhere. This stuff is expensive and did not even last a full year. I plan on contacting the company and seeing if anyone has had any success. We are VERY disappointed.

  • Judith Louvis - Fun to visit familiar characters

    Brockmann never disappoints. Fun to visit familiar characters, eager to find out more about the new ones. The language is a bit rough ( SEALS - what do you expect?) and I have to censure what comes out of my mouth after immersing myself in one of her books.

  • Ray Sola - Not a good movie

    Mix the bad movies you have seen about the Rapture, with a Mayan calendar, and some Baptist silliness and you get this movie. The only thing scary in the movie is all the scenes where one person is driving and talking to the passenger while looking at them and not the road for minutes at a time.

  • Duchess Sophia - Worthless water heater

    Do not buy a Navien tankless waterheater! The units are poorly made, the customer service is laughable. They will advise you to do things to the hearer that will void the warrantee! My plumbers were shocked. I had an old fashoined tanked-system water heater for almost 20 years without a loss of service-ever. I decided to go more green and get a tankless water heater, thinking the technology is not new and had been used in industry for decades and should have the bugs worked out of it. Not so. At least the Navien folks have taken the basic technology of the tankless system and surrounded it with cheap poorly designed components and microprocessor technogy so that it is completely unreliable. Buyer beware!

  • Amazon Customer - It's really nice to have such technology that let you know how ...

    It's really nice to have such technology that let you know how your teen is acting in the road also see all information about the trips and location of the car and if the car stolen you still can predict where to find it .