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  • Mike - Excellent paper plates

    Excellent paper plates. Very Sturdy.... I buy them all of the time so I won't have to wash dishes... hehehe

  • Amazon Customer - Miracle vitamin

    I had damage from wearing sew in weaves. The heat had broken off my hair considerably. I'd tried most of the hair growth vitamins on the market and none came close to the results I received while taking Mielle vitamins. Within only a couple of weeks of taking the vitamins I saw a noticeable difference in the length and thickness of my hair. I agree with the other reviews about taking the vitamins with a meal to prevent headaches and/or stomach aches.. However if you would like to see swift natural hair growth these vitamins are your answer. I absolutely love them!!!

  • Lisa Dincher - scam

    It did nothing at all, very disappointed tired of not getting results when you try and try. I am a 55 year old with hypothyroidism and the weigh is never ending always yo-yoing but never where I should be number wise. It really get depressing I think most lost was 4 lbs and it comes back on, I went b all the directions and no good results,it should not cost a lot to want t loose weight either expensiv

  • Tom Hagedorn - The product is great!!

    The product taste GREAT and I like there is hardly any sugar. I am diabetic and its something I can use compared to over the counter powder products. I choose to put fresh fruit into the shake instead of the flavor packs. It is filling and I dont get hungry. Read the lable and see how nutritional in comparison. The only reason I havent lost weight is because I dont stick with it like I should. Its my fault not the product.My brother-in-law has lost 4o lbs on it so I need to get busy and get serious before the Holidays hit!! What I like most is I ordered 2 bags and didnt have to get on a monthly set up with a distributor. Ive done that before and would have 10 bags of product . I am glad I can order at my own speed and have faith Im on my way to weight loss.I highly reccomend this to any one wanting a weight loss.thanks TOM

  • Ryan - Great size, best price around

    This is the best size of plate. If helps to cut down portion size and cuts down on dishes. Two pluses in my book!

  • jumbojet8 - Mike's book helped wake me up from leftist falsehood programming ...

    Mike's book helped wake me up from leftist falsehood programming that I was brainwashed with by the "Media" - 96% of "Media" donations have gone to Hiliary Clinton's campaign - they have become her largest and most powerful SuperPAC.

  • Bill - As others said, the gun didnt calibrate

    It's going back to the store after my dad and I spent more than 2 hours trying everything to get the gun to calibrate. Happy father's day... how did this get on the shelves?