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  • AncientGeek - Warm hands all day

    I have owned two of these hand warmers for several years and purchased two more this month. I have Raynaud's, and my fingers are very vulnerable to cold temperatures. I originally used these for outdoor sports, but now I've started using them on all cold days. I start them in the morning, let them get good and hot and then place them in the pouch. I keep them in the pockets of my jacket all day. When I'm walking outside, I can keep my hands nice and warm in my pockets or I can put on my nice warm gloves that are in my pockets next to the hand warmers all day.

  • Alan N. Fleming - Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.

    My truck was overheating. Replaced thermostate and some hoses. Still overheating. So, i took to my mechanic who replaced the radiator. Still overheating. One treatment of Bar's Leaks and the problem was cured. Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.

  • Kimberly Proctor - This company is wonderful to work with!

    The IFetch was a wonderful product. I wish I would have been able to get my dogs to use the IFetch but I could not train them properly therefore the IFetch was not for me. The company was great though they worked with me and offered to either send out a trainer or refund my money! I choose the refund for now but I think that the product itself was lovely and would be great for dogs who are better trained then mine. Lol

  • Books And Spoons - Dark and eerie tale

    For the very last moments, this story is filled with danger, action, history, and romance. It is addictively alluring with the intriguing characters, both dead and alive, and the murder mysteries, that seem to come too close to home for the brave heroine.

  • LittleIrish - Brilliant crystal ornament

    I love the Swarovski annual ornaments. I have bought them every year since I first lived in with my boyfriend (who is now my husband). They are so brilliant on the tree - like little hidden crystal treasures. I prefer the snowflakes to the star design but this is still beautiful.

  • WanderingEyes - the mexican herb

    It is okay for me, but my brothers love this stuff. It does soften the hair, but for me it too doesn't help my hair to the fullest extent because of my PCOS.