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  • Burkey - OUTSTANDING

    In my opinion as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, who does not subscribe to the "standard of care" that "modern medicine" mandates I believe you will find the information in this book is worth one hundred times the cover price. I also firmly believe that the ONLY reason Dr. Joel Wallach did not receive the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1991, the year in which he was nominated, is unfortunately the same reason that Ron Paul is not the President of this late great Nation. I'll hazard a guess here and say if you are smart enough to seek out this book then you are smart enough to "read between the lines" of my above 2 opinions. Oh, and one more opinion; to say that the information in this book will spare you from just about every disease just by changing your nutrition intake, is an understatement.

  • cedra strickland - good product

    I am on my 3rd bottle and I am starting to see results. Some fuzz in my thinning areas! So that's exciting! Haven't seen much of a change in shedding just a little bit of a slow down. I would give it a 5 but the price is too high so we will stick with 4 stars. Over all I would recommend this product. Seeing my new hair growth has calmed down my fears of going bald!

  • andrew - I bought this protection and installed it and thought my ...

    I bought this protection and installed it and thought my computer was protected. not even close. I still had to pay additional money to get rid of a virus. This didnt protect me, nor did it get me assistance with resolving my issue. I went back to norton.