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  • PuterWiz - CookPro

    Super product. I got it first from someone who picked it up on sale from store going out of business. Fell in love with it but couldn't find it anywhere after that. Put this in/on everything - salads, soups, BBQ chicken/fish, some stir-fry [not Asian-style], veggies--both fresh/raw and steamed, eggs of all kinds including egg salad, sandwiches - you name it. Adds flavor without being overpowering like so many products can be. Excellent product. Find it hard to believe anyone could not like it.

  • Mark Tatro - Disappointed

    I bought this book for one of my students and was very disappointed when it arrived. In fact, I used it as an example for all of my students to know what you are buying. It wouldn't have mattered so much that it was in black and white if they had retained the original size. All in all a big rip off!

  • Humming Bird - Good Oils, Good Price

    I have been trying out different brands of essential oils for a while now, and this one ranks up high with a few others. The smells are crisp, and I especially like the Sweet Orange oil that came in this set. I dab the lavender on my pillow to help me sleep at night. This is a great bargain on oils that work just as well as DuTerra and Young Living. Especially good for people who are just getting into EO's. I recommend this.

  • soler - Really like this. I set a goal to run a ...

    Really like this. I set a goal to run a certain distance in a month. Toward the end, I had 7 days left, and was about 65% done with my goal. I was sore, and decided that I was going to meet my goal, but I would never run again in my life! Some work associates suggested I try a protein shake, and after a couple of days, drinking a shake right after running, I was no longer sore, and was doubling my distance each day. I love running again. This brand, and this flavor, hits the mark for me.

  • The Doc - A real asset

    Keeps things cool for a long time. I had a party and we put drinks and ice in it and the next evening the drinks were still cold. It lasted about 48 hours before all the ice was gone.

  • Mykey - Great for midnight trips to bathroom!!

    Great motion nightlight for getting up in the middle of the night. No batteries, charges by USB which is nice. I used the double stick tape to mount magnet and put it on bed frame! I received this at a discount for an honest review and it works great.