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  • Debbie - Love this Product!

    I have only been using this twice daily for four days, but I can already see a significant difference. My teeth were coffee-stained and looked dingy. After only four days they are whiter and look "polished." I did change toothbrushes though, as I have sensitive teeth and the double brushing - once with the Tuxedo and then once with Toothpaste - twice a day - is a lot of toothbrushing. So I switched to the softest bristles I could find and am very gentle. The Tuxedo works great! I can't wait to see how much better my teeth will look after 30 days. The powder is not as messy as some claim; you need to be careful dipping your toothbrush into the jar, make sure to tap the excess off and brush gently. So far so good! :) :)

  • J. Vedda Jr. - Happy Book Owner

    This book was in better condition than I expected given the price. I feel that I got a good deal and would gladly do business with this seller again.

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't really fit 2016 JK

    I had read other feedback about the product being loose and that's definitely true. I had assumed that this being Mopar it would align right. The outward alignment pin for this fuel door is clearly for other models which appear to have changed. The pin aligns backwards which keep the fuel cap from setting and puts the logo upside down. It's probably just right for other models. For $11 bucks I clipped the prong and made it work but would rather have gotten a piece that fit tighter and more appropriately. Considering others paid much more I can't complain too much and won't be returning but be aware. I would have easily given 4 to 5 stars if it fit as expected.

  • Amazon Customer - My cats have had horrible reactions to this product.

    I have two cats from two separate gene pools. Both cats had reactions within two weeks of wearing this collar. 6 yr old female lost all hair around her neck and had two open sores that needed to be treated by the vet - (anti-inflammatory and antibiotic shots). 8 yr old male lost all hair around his neck, half of his face was swollen and his head was red from ears to chin (steroid shot). Bayer was kind enough to refund the money for the collars and the additional veterinary care visit for both cats.