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  • mike - great mattress!

    my wife and I bought this mattress to replace our old one. we've had it for a couple of weeks. the first few days it was different but now it is great! we sleep soundly with minimal tossing and turning

  • Rojas - A great first foray into VR technology

    Sony's VR headset, for what it was advertised, is actually fairly impressive. Are you getting the most amazing graphics, no not really, but all of the little details and specs that could have seriously detracted from the quality of the experience, such as the frame rate or the head tracking, ran smoothly and caused no ill effects for me. Below are some pros and cons for the headset as a whole.

  • J. Michael - Get out....before it's too late

    This was a replacement brewer sent to me after the first two 450's stopped pumping water into the k-cups, and now the same thing is happening to this one. As many others here have stated, Keurig Customer Service's answer to this issue (which happens all the time) is to get a paper clip, undo it, and jam it up the needle that injects hot water into the k-cup repeatedly. The sad thing is that this works...for a time. How long it will keep working after you do this is all up to luck or fate. There are mornings where I spend 10 minutes jamming the paper clip up the needle just to get 3-4 cups of coffee. I long for the simpler times when I could just brew a half-gallon of crappy coffee and at least not have to work to get a refill every time. Don't bother de-scaling your 2.0 brewer for this issue, it does nothing. This is most likely caused by the thinner needle openings Keurig has decided to go with in the 2.0 brewers.

  • Jessica B - Awesome toner and so much more!

    Oh my goodness this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! Let's simply start with the scent. It is delicious! I am in love with it! I want to smell it all the time. The delicate essence of rose petals simply waifs from the liquid in an a fragile manner. It is not overwhelming like most scented items. It is subtle and perfect. When I got the offer to review this item in exchange for a discount, I said sure! I had no idea what it was used for but I'm always open to finding new products. When I got it, I read that it is a toner. I don't usually use a toner so I started googling and discovered the many, many, many uses for witch hazel! It is a skin anti-inflammatory!! That means it is perfect for pimples!! Also, as we sadly discovered the night I got this, it is perfect for a sunburn! I also leave aloe in the fridge to soothe burns but this is a million times better...and it smells amazing! My poor little boys got burnt to a crisp (even with 2829828209 applications of sunblock) and this literally took the burn out. I have now put it in my fridge to keep it cooled because it feels amazing on your skin when it's cold!

  • Lisa - To the medical professional

    I really want to reply to the "medical professional" who did his own experiment. When he found significantly more bacterial growth on the Norwex cloth vs. A regular wash cloth. His finding were obviously not peer reviewed as a person with a BS I can see the the Norwex would have more bacteria growth as it picks us more bacteria! That's what it is spades to do. There for the Norwex cloths ARE Doing what they are supposed to ñ that is pick up gems!