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  • golfman - good after engine cleaning

    After using simple green on my engine I used this. gives a nice coating and shine. I wouldn't lay it on too thick, I would do a couple of light coats after letting it dry. I was happy with the results.

  • nico k - all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions

    I had never had PMS until after my kids were born, and coupled with stress and a very heavy flow I was barely holding it together. I had very intense symptoms of PMDD and then my period was late or lasting for weeks or months at a time. I went to 4 different GYNs and was finally diagnosed (tentatively) with adenomyosis. A full hysterectomy was on the books when I googled and discovered that a vitamin K deficiency could be at play. I began taking Slow Flow and Women's Phase I; all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions. Well, I slacked on the Phase I and the PMDD came back with a vengeance. Just repurchased and am hoping it brings things back to normal. (I will update!) There is a ton of discussion around the internet about mineral deficiencies and PMS/PMD/dysmenorrhea. I just wish the medical community was more aware of it. It would've saved me thousands of dollars!!!

  • L Beyer - My daughter told me to take this that it would ...

    My daughter told me to take this that it would help me out. Well at first I thought nothing was happening, I was pushing 250 well I till kept taking I changed nothing I was telling my daughter I wasn't even hungry after work which was odd. Well be for I knew what was happening I lost almost 40lbs I'm at 220 to 224lbs so I know it works. This is no joke no-one paid me this is soooo true. Also the headaches does go away if not cut back, I never had the shakes either. Don't give up.....

  • Paul Naseth - Life changing

    If you are like me and have a dead personality and live your life around worthless possions. I would highly recommend this to you are like me, trust me money buys happiness (just ask me about me diamond about my diamond water filter. Now once I find those friends I've been looking for I will show this off to them

  • Shelley - Information Galore!

    Contains a lot of really good information. Unable to find the product elsewhere, and was a great price! Last year of production for this product, so get it now!

  • Chevelle8 - First Grade Happiness

    I purchased this book for my grandson who is in 1st grade. He loved it! Took it to school to show all of his friends.