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  • Tgolie - I love the design

    I love the design. It is a thinner sweater for like a spring jacket. I normally am a medium but because it comes from Asia I knew to order a size bigger. It fits OK. It's a little shorter than I would prefer but it works. I really like it over all.

  • Akpride89 - I love this protein powder

    I love this protein powder, it is so good. I have found I only like it with sweetened vanilla almond milk though, the unsweetened gives it a horrible taste in my does thicken up a lot if you let it sit (which I do because Iike it thick!) for about 5 minutes or more. It's never turned into sludge, just thick. I would definitely recommend this for somebody looking for dairy free or vegan protein powder! I've used it as a meal replacement and it has kept me plenty full for a couple of hours. I do use a draping scoop with 16oz of vanilla almond milk. It's just my personal ration that I like to get the thickness and taste I like :)