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  • Spazz - "New and Improved" my backside... What were they thinking?

    This "New and Improved" Keurig 2.0 is a piece of sh... It's slow as Hell to make coffee, it starts and stops, wheezes like an old man with COPD, it literally sounds like an old man whose been smoking for fifty years peeing in my kitchen... Then you can't make anything other than 4oz, 8oz, 10oz, or a full pot of coffee. Who the hell drinks 4oz of coffee?!? Where's the sixteen and twenty? REALLY? And if I brew the 8 twice it's so slow to brew the whole thing is cold before it gets done, I tried it. To top it off the POS doesn't even use all K cups unless you hack it.

  • LittleBeaver - Bad reaction to this stuff

    I ordered this out of desperation after 9 months of muscle aches and cramping, joint pain and dizziness. I followed all of the instructions on the box - took one pack per day with water, after a meal. The first two days went fairly smoothly. I experienced headaches and increased muscle pain, and wrote it off as the "die-off" everyone is talking about.

  • Anna - Excellent resource

    Great practice tests and study material. It helps immensly study for the ACT test. I would recommend it to anyone about to take this test.