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  • Rianda Anderson - I Want One and Yes I am an Adult

    I must start out and state that this watch is cool. When I was a kid they did not have cool watches like that! I was rather jealous but let me digress.

  • Amazon Customer - SO focused and SO well rested

    Since using MasterBrain I have felt more focused and alert than ever. My productivity has gone up and my concentration and focus have increased immensely. I am able to focus on tasks longer and am not as easily distracted as I usually am. I have also gotten the best sleep that I've had in years. I wake up feeling refreshed and reset. I am a light sleeper and usually can't sleep through the night, however, using the MasterBrain PM has helped me sleep through the night, and if I ever do wake up, it's for a split second and then I'm right back to sleep. I feel like I'm getting much better quality sleep. I feel mentally sharp, alert and ready for the day. SUCH a great feeling.

  • LoveMy JEEP - Just not sure...

    Have not seen much improvement yet. They say it is the fastest at diminishing the "look" of fine line and wrinkles, but not actually getting rid of the fine lines & wrinkles. It is smooth and not greasy and makes my skin feel great. But, just not sure it is doing what it is intended to do.

  • Jason - For shiney hair, use this product...in dry climates

    When I first used this, I felt like it really made my hair shiney, which was nice. But that was in a very dry climate (Lake Tahoe). Now I live in L.A. and this shampoo doesn't seem all that shine-inducing.

  • OSUCOWBOYNTX - Safe for People & Pets.

    Bought to exterminate scorpions in the house. Works great. I alternate this with Suspend every 30 days in the warm months. Safe for people, pets, horses once it dries. No residue or odor. One vial mixes with 2 gallons of water in a sprayer.

  • Patrick - Just the right amount of extra room.

    These shoes are perfect for someone who needs just a little more room in the footbed of the shoe. they are not megawide or EEE type shoes. They give you just a marginal amount of comfort and otherwise fit normally. The fit is otherwise very adjustable with the straps and buckle closures. I used to have my longer rides ruined by foot pain but these solved the problem